• Invest in Your Future

    Precious metals are a tangible alternative investment that is a hedge against inflation and the ever-changing value of the American dollar. Gold and silver are also a way of passing wealth to children and grandchildren. Precious metals have been an enduring store of value for over 2000 years.


    Fairfield’s is your trusted local dealer for all precious metal transactions. We will confidentially buy or sell gold, silver and platinum at very competitive rates with the lowest possible markup.
    Call for a current quote at (260) 484-5109.

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  • Gold 

    Gold American Eagles
    Gold American Buffalos
    Gold bars and ingots
    Canadian Maple Leafs
    South African Krugerrands
    Austrian Philharmonics
    Australian Gold
    British Sovereigns
    Chinese Panda Coins
    Mexican Peso Gold Coins
    All European Gold Coins


  • Silver 

    Silver American Eagles
    .999 Silver Bars in 1 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz, 100 oz, or 1000 oz
    90% U.S. Silver Coins, 1964 and before
    Old Silver Dollars
    All foreign/world silver coins